Summer Enrichers for Parents and Grandparents


For Parents and Grandparents – Summer Enrichers

How will you fill this summer with good remembrances and personal development for each member of your family?

The Community Church has been preparing to help.  Here are opportunities to make your summer more fulfilling.

1.   Summer Sunday School  

Each Sunday through Labor Day weekend, August 31, any grammar school child who comes with you will receive a craft, related to a Christian concept.   In a Vacation Bible School atmosphere, they will have opportunity to discover more about the Christian faith in numerous ways including some “hands on workmanship”. For infants and pre-schoolers we plan to have an attendant to give them discovery activities and something to take home as well. Those in 6th – 8th Grade have the option to stay in church or participate as helpers to younger children.

2.  Enriching 10 am Worship

Parents, Teens, and Young Adults will be able to receive a relevant message on Christian Enrichment for daily life.  We are testing out an Air Conditioned annex in Johnson Chapel for warm mornings. Children begin in worship and at the passing of the peace can head off to children’s events.  For newcomers parents can accompany them so they feel comfortable with new friends in new surroundings.

3.  Packets for Young Adults

Teens and Young Adults who attend church will receive a packet on websites, articles, and book resources about facing that life stage with relevant insights from numerous mentors of various ages including young adults.

4.  Children’s Bulletins 

Families begin worship together until the “Passing of the Peace”. Ushers will have a special bulletin for children each Sunday.

5.  Parent Packet or Item Each Sunday

You will receive something that will enrich your time with your children for the coming week—for easier, more satisfying parenting.

6.  Refreshment Time   

Following worship enjoy dialogue with other parents on making the most of the summer.

7.  Summer Reading for Enriching Children’s Growing Years. 

Recommended books and articles will be available on loan for you to take home for summer reading.

8.  Parent Break Time and Bible to Life Discussions

July Wednesday mornings, 10am to 11:30 am.  Child Care will be available and a VBS craft packet will treat school age children who come.  Topic: “Growing in the Image of Christ—transformed and transforming”, led by Sandy Bennington with Pastor Mel assisting.   Please phone 201-768-2457 or email cchp@ about ages of children so we have enough suitable staff.

9.  Vacation Bible School   

July 14 – 18,  6pm – 8pm, for preschool age – 5th grade. “God’s Backyard Bible Camp” is the theme.  Older children are welcome to become assistant teachers.  Lynne Lupfer201-568-1487 and Sanae McKay 201-784-6423 can tell you more, if you wish.

10.  Participation in Children’s message  

Pastor Mel will be looking for an object from a child for an object lesson.  The schedule will set a week to receive an object and then the following week Pastor Mel will speak related to that object.

Have a question?  Phone church administrator Lori 201-768-2457 or Pastor Mel Cell phone: 201-881-9431.