Bedtime Blessings “100 Bedtime Stories and Activities for Blessing Your Child” by John Trent. Bedtime is a welcome time when using this fun book. Each page has a simple activity, a story related to it, and a time for prayer about the day’s events and the gift of God’s presence. Many of these “activities” could be used on long trips or for parties or as Sunday School end of the hour treats.   For children age 7 and under.

Family Fragrance by Otis and Gail Ledbetter

Packed with Pre-school and Elementary practical parenting ideas for honoring the family and its members with affection, respect, order, merriment and affirmation, creating an environment of Christian love.

Prayers and Devotional Stories

Many choices in the library; time tested, plenty of pictures to intrigue, and many prayers. Encourages child and parents to speak their own prayers about daily life happenings.

Home Grown Handbook for Christian Parenting by Karen DeBoer is like a Dr. Spock index of topics with succinct tips.

Supernanny by Jo Frost

“How to Get the Best from Your Children”

Especially good for pre-school through age 8. She describes rule guides to put you as a parent in charge as the authority, setting boundaries, defining praiseworthy behavior.

Phone the church office 201-768-2457 to get on the free resourceful mailings called “Nursery Roll”—from expecting time through age 3.


CDs of Christian songs and choruses. Children learn theology as they love listening to the variety of songs. Liked at church and bought on Amazon are sets of 120 songs by “Twin Sisters” and the 120 song set by Madacy from Canada. Cedarmont Kids CDs were also rated good.

Veggie Tales – loved by children through 2nd grade.   Some public libraries carry these.   Community Church has some in its library for you to test out.

Reference Book

Caring for Your Baby and Young Child, Birth to Age 5   The American Academy of Pediatrics, Steven P. Shelov, Editor-in-chief

Look at the index. You’ll be amazed at the broad range of topics this book prepares parents to engage.   Example: p.512-515   TV – advice and warnings, how to carry out good use of TV and limit bad effects of saturation, violence and sexuality, etc.