Parents of Elementary School Children

Parents of Elementary School Children

Family Fragrance by Otis and Gail Ledbetter (see notes in previous sections)

Growing Compassionate Kids: “Helping Kids See Beyond Their Backyard”, by Jan Johnson.

To read with children

The Beginner’s Bible

Time tested, loved by children. Simple wording, large print, plenty of pictures. Before they can read the simple words, they are intrigued by the pictures.

Florence Nightingale by Collins.

Written for children, but powerful leadership ideas for adults too. Quotes scripture by which she lived. Shows faith perseverance by a leader in facing setbacks and detours, and continuing to believe in God’s purpose in life.

Gifted Hands by Dr. Ben Carson.

(children’s version) Shows the importance of reading vs TV at 5th grade and up. Cautions on risks. Vision of living for important purpose and how Christian faith & Bible help.

Ken Taylor’s children’s books:

Giant Steps for Little People, Wise Words for Little People, Big Thoughts for Little People. A Christian father of 10 kids makes Bible teachings practical.

The Children’s Book of Virtues by William Bennett

“A treasury of great moral stories”

A variety of bedtime storybooks are in the library.

Pockets Magazine

Fun stories, puzzles, inspiring reports about what children think and do. See samples at


Children’s choir CD of Christian songs and choruses

Children learn theology as they love listening to the variety of songs. Liked at church and bought on Amazon are sets of 120 songs by “Twin Sisters” and the 120 song set by Madacy from Canada. Cedarmont Kids CDs were also rated good.