Teaching Your Children Values by Linda and Richard Eyre

Twelve sound values with many methods and examples for teaching at grammar school ages and altered ways for teenagers. The authors have a TV program on parenting and one was director of the White House Conference on Children and Parents. User friendly: Each chapter recommends a value for a month’s focus. Then it lists activities to try, sectioned for pre-school, grammar, and high school. Stories of personal experiences are woven in.

Raising GOOD Children by Dr. Thomas Lickona

“How to help your child develop a lifelong sense of honesty, decency and respect for others”   covers birth through teenage years on a variety of subjects and references to many outstanding studies by people in the field of psychology and morals. Dr. Lickona is a SUNY professor of Education, with 20 years in parent/teacher education, including teaching at Harvard and Boston U. He was president of the Association for Moral Education.

Your Heritage by Ledbetter and Bruner  

“How To Be Intentional About the Legacy You Leave” This is an essential book about building parental guidance to the wholesome development of a child or teen. It covers the five or so areas that Focus on the Family aimed to meet with their Heritage Builders program. It is a valuable first book for parents to read in this series.

Growing Compassionate Kids: Helping Kids See Beyond Their Backyard, by Jan Johnson.

This book offers biblical methods for teaching children compassion toward people who live without voice or hope or Christ.

Let’s Make A Memory by Shirley Dobson and Gloria Gaither

Excellent activity book for parent or grandparent to use, sparking conversations with lasting values. Describes creative memorable activities, trips and conversations linked to seasons, holidays, and any time.

Home Grown Handbook for Christian Parenting by Karen DeBoer

A Dr. Spock type indexed book of 111 questions and answers, only this one is on “How to raise my children to know, love, and respond to God”.   Find segments on raising well a strong-willed child, spanking, conflict, difficult situations, discipline, setting boundaries, showing grace. Note the section on Spiritual Characteristics at various age levels.

The Wonder of Boys by Michael Gurian

“What Parents, Mentors and Educators can do to shape boys into Exceptional Men” The author is a counselor and family therapist who founded the Gurian Institute for international research, pilot programs, and training professionals. He grew up yearning for more guiding advice and parent relationship. Now he offers parents clues. He begins with description of how in the womb boys are formed with unique abilities in mind as well as body. See great sections on moral development, divorce, and mentors.

If I Were Starting My Family Again by John Drescher

Takes pressures off parenting with overviews that enrich the atmosphere.

Websites our parents find helpful: has single page articles on over 50 topics. Our church helps sponsor this website.

ParentConnect is a free informative Enewsletter. Go to and under Today’s Christian Woman, hit the Parenting tab, and look for the enewsletter section. The email comes twice a month. is a website and organization for about 90,000 Christian parents of pre-schoolers. is the Focus on the Family site, replete with some political agenda and with notes on many magazines. Get beyond that to see the freebies—articles you can read that address interests for your age child. Check out Thriving, and note the enewsletter section there.