Latest UpDate for CCHP

Dear friends in Christ,

We just want to remind you that we will not be meeting Wednesday evenings for either the Lenten Supper or worship.

Additionally, we will not be worshiping in the sanctuary on Sundays until further notice.  Look for an upcoming email which will have a link to the Sunday’s service.  We anticipate that email will be sent on Friday.

We have extra space in the church refrigerator and to some degree the freezer.  If you need space to store food, you can bring it in a bag with your name on it.

The Christian education committee has prepared Bible story activity packets for children.  They are available to anyone outside the Spring Street door closest to the parking lot.  Please help yourself and pick one up for a friend.

If there is any other way the church can be of service to you at this time, please call the church office at 201-768-2457, email, or call Steve Sayer at 570-656-1412.

Lori C. Anders

Office Administrator

Community Church in Harrington Park
PO Box 185, One Spring Street
Harrington Park NJ  07640
(201) 768-2457