It’s Been a Year: How Am I Doing?

It’s Been a Year: How Am I Doing?  It’s a question worth asking.  The last year has been, for a whole lot of people, the slowest-moving, most frustrating, most anxious, loneliest year of their lives.  And it doesn’t seem like a lot of us are getting used to it.  The Community Church in Harrington Park is starting a zoom group around the idea, It’s Been a Year: How Am I Doing?, where folks can process some of the challenges of pandemic life.  There is no cost for the group, but participation is limited in order to allow people to share.  It’s being led by Merry Mans, a therapist and licensed clinical social worker of many years’ experience.  Merry was a long-time Harrington Park resident.  The group will meet on two Tuesday evenings at 7:30, March 16 and 23, with the possibility of extending it if helpful to the participants.  If you would like to be part of it, email the Community Church at to get the link.