How Our Church Is Responding to the Coronavirus

Dear brothers and sisters,

Due to the coronavirus, everyone’s situation is very fluid right now.  That also is true with your church.  Here’s where we are currently.

We will hold worship this Sunday, March 15.  We will, however, limit our physical interaction by not passing the peace and by not holding coffee hour.  We will have both audio and video recordings of the service, and links will be available on our website    Please remember that we are in the midst of a sermon series in which each week builds on the other.  If you do not attend worship, please remember to listen or view the recording. 

As you are probably aware, the health risks of the COVID-19 are magnified for each decade that you are over 60, or if you have underlying health conditions.  That should inform whether you choose to attend worship or not.  I would encourage all of you to be cautious with your health.

I anticipate that we will be asked to not physically meet for worship beginning Sunday, March 22.  The consistory has not yet talked about this, however.  We are making plans to video any service that we might miss so that you can worship electronically.  For those of you who do not have email and internet, we will make DVDs of each worship service.  (We are sending this note by snail mail to those who don’t have email, but please keep each other updated.) 

The men’s group has been cancelled for this Saturday, and the Women’s Communion Brunch, originally scheduled for March 21st, has also been cancelled.  We will cancel our Wednesday evening Lenten dinners and services until further notice.  I anticipate that all other groups will either not meet, or will meet digitally starting on Monday, March 16.  We do all of this not out of fear, but out of compassion and loving concern for the greater good.  We, as Christians, have every reason to hold great confidence and not live in fear.  Even in uncertain and unique times we are absolutely sure of God’s unfailing love and providence.

Along those lines, we are making plans to use these uncertain times for discipleship, ministry and outreach.  For example, we are thinking about how to use people’s unexpected available time to do discipleship and maintain connection through small groups done over the internet.  There will also be many opportunities for Christian service to our neighbors over the next few weeks.  So, in addition to living in hope and not fear, we hope to be able to use these next few weeks productively to deepen our faith and to love our communities.

Please reach out to me with any needs you have.  My mobile phone number is 570-656-1412 and my email is

Grace and peace,


Steve Sayer, Pastor

Community Church in Harrington Park

One Spring Street

PO Box 185

Harrington Park NJ  07640