Bible Study Series, Thursdays — July 2nd thru 30th

Bible Study

Every time we read our Bible we can ask ourselves, “What truth does God want me to teach me about Himself?”  In our study we will be looking at some of these truths and seeing how accepting or rejecting them affected the lives of the people of the Bible – and affects our own lives, too!  Each week we will look at one of these…

  • God loves us and desires a relationship with us, as we see from Adam and Eve to Jesus Christ.  (Sometimes we need to go back to basics! )
  • God wants us to seek His will, to do things His way, not our own or the world’s way.  (Even though we all have heard it said that “God helps those who help themselves”!) 
  • God teaches us and trains us to be followers of Jesus, patiently guiding us to take His truths into our hearts.  (And He gives us ongoing opportunities to practice!)
  • God can and does use unexpected people and unexpected ways to accomplish His purposes.  (Scripture is full of surprising, even shocking examples!  And what about our own lives and times?)
  • God commands us to pass on a legacy of faith to the next generation.  (We will go over a number of suggestions about how to do this and we will share each other’s suggestions and experiences, too!) 

We all need spiritual nourishment and the encouragement that being together with fellow believers gives us!  Come and join us – bring friends, too – whether it’s for all five weeks or even for one! If you need childcare, please call the church office and we will provide it! 

Dates:  Thursdays in July, from July 2 – 30

Time:  10 – 11:30 am

Place:  Johnson Chapel